Molecular Gastronomy explosion!


alinea concept

alinea concept


I have noticed a huge upsurge of interest in molecular gastronomy. I’ve read several blogs about it, including kottke’s teaser for Alinea. I’ve seen rave reviews for the beautiful design of the book and the restaurant itself. The most fascinating and engaging article that sparked my interest is when I read was about the the perfect boiled egg.

I remember hearing the word for the first time ever on Top Chef watching that guy with the crazy hair try his hand (and failing due to the humidity of hawaii).

It’s a wonder to me that in such a short amount of time, molecular gastronomy, a practice that seems more mad scientist than suzy homemaker is making such a tremendous splash. I recently read a story on Slate about how a woman was trying to get her kid to eat more veggies, so she went out and bought a $200 kit at Dean and Deluca to try her hand at sparking his interest by creating coagulated balls of tomato soup. 

$200?!? That seems like a lot of money to drop to try and get your kid to eat vegetables. Plus, clear coated balls of pureed vegetable hardly seems appetizing. I wonder if all these how-tos, kits, books and blogs are because this is a perfect mashup for people who aren’t just foodies.  More and more people begin to gravitate towards food as a hobby and lifestyle and more specializations are starting to emerge. Things like localvoires, the slow-food movement and now gastronomists. It’s a fascinating mix to approach food like a science experience. You can just imagine the process: What is it made of? How can I can break it down? What can it be combined with? What will happen if I freeze it? 

The fact that these experiments results in delicious meals is a reward that not many scientists can often note in their lab reports.

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