My Top 8 InDesign Tricks


As a graphic designer, I spend a lot of time in CS programs and these are a few of the InDesign shortcuts and tools I’ve picked up over the years, and they’ve saved literally hours of my time, and more importantly kept me from going absolutely insane.

Fit to frame proportionately:: Option + Shift + Apple + E :: You can place any item into a box and with this shortcut it will shrink to fit it IN PROPORTION within your frame.

Select within:: Select object using the White Arrow :: You can select a photo, or a specific point within an  object.  You can scale it and move it all without moving the frame you placed it in.

Clear your screen workspace:: Hit “Tab” :: With nothing selected, hit the tab button. It’s extremely useful when you’ve got a tiny screen and you have a million palettes open like me.

Clear Window View

Clean Document View:: Hit “W”:: and the InDesign will gray out the artboard and show only your document size, without any guides or outlines.

Clean Document View

Rotate:: hit “R”:: Instead of trying to dig within all of the menus, or selecting from toolbar,  save time and just hit R.

Reflect::Window>Transform:: Click and hold down on the little circle that has the triangle in it. You’ll see a pull down menu that will let you flip vertical, horizontal and both.


Preflight::File>Preflight:: This is AMAZING. When you preflight a file it does a save as on your current file,  immediately grabs any images and fonts associated with it and packages it into a new folder that you can name and place anywhere. It’s a tool that is often used to prep files for prepress production, or to send to the publisher, but is also useful when toggling between multiple designers and computers.

Create rows and guides:: Layout>Create Guides::It’s a simple way to structure any layout, if you check the preview box you can see the number of rows and guides change right before your eyes! I recommend creating guides within the margins.

Create Guides

more to come later!

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