Good heart, Good food

Found via GOOD, and in following the new trend of “Pay what you want”, a London restaurateur named Peter Ilic is letting his customers determine the value of his goods and services. He trains his staff to treat everyone as well as a 50-60 pound paying guest. He touts it to ” just seemed the right thing to do with everyone under the cosh and feeling pretty miserable”.

This menu is unreal. My mouth is drooling.
Ilic Menu

What a great business man, he’s got AMERICANS writing/blogging/covering his restaurant, demanding his employees understand that all guests are the same and the better you treat them, the better they’ll value the service AND the food. It really warms my heart to even hear him say that he’s doing it to really just make a person’s day better. As I said in my earlier post about this “PWYW”, it asks people to display a certain moral obligation not to cheat. Business owners don’t overprice their customers to make a premium and customers pay enough to keep business humming. It’s a “don’t cheat me and I won’t cheat you” kind of model, and I like it.

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