5000 friends?!?


35468133931n011This man has just announced his intention to defriend 5000 people.  It brings up 3 questions for me.

1. How would you even go about adding people you didn’t know?!

2. Doesn’t this devalue your real facebook friendships with people who honestly like a staying connected? (is there such a thing as “real facebook friendships??” 
3. Is he just going to start fresh? Or just give up altogether? 

I may love my facebook, but I randomly prune my friend list to eliminate the useless adds I’ve made in the past. 5000 friends is apparently the magic number. In the past Facebook caught some flak for  imposing a 5,000 friend cap but it’s seems to be a thing of the past as there is no mention of it in recent terms of use postings.

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3 Responses to 5000 friends?!?

  1. Andrei's random2pixels.wordpress.com says:

    I’ve used social networks during the past year. From 360, to Hi5, to Multiply and Facebook. In this part of the world Facebook is not that popular, everyone uses Hi5 so all my friends are in there. I use Facebook because my girlfriend convinced me, I only have 5 friends there and no friends of mine use Facebook, only Hi5.
    To reply to your questions:
    1) I’ve always added random people on every social netowork, it helped make my picture galleries popular over the internet.
    2)I don’t need to have a Facebook or Hi5 to be connected to my friends, there are phones these days and you can’t go down to the pub and drink a beer on Facebook. Social networking friendship is possible, I have about 10 friends from all over the world, friends that share their problems with me. All those friendships started by adding random people.
    3) I usually delete those who never reply back after they’ve been added.

    Sorry if my comment was bigger than the actual blog post, but I tend to do that when the blog is interesting.

    • annmaryliu says:

      Thanks for lending a more international view on social networking. It’s really fascinating you’ve been able to form these friendships from strangers online. I wonder if the international aspect lets people open up over email and social networks if they know they won’t be able to see you in face-to-face. Perhaps it’s the best way to fill out a friendship with someone you have lots in common with, but may never meet in person. As for being connected to your friends, I whole-heartedly agree facebook will never be able to replace the feeling of having a drink among friends.

  2. Sun Yi says:

    Good on him.
    I used to have a Facebook account sometime ago, but have now deleted it as it not worth the countless hours I was putting into it every single day.

    My question is: what is objective for looking to get 5000 friends?

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