Gimmick Overload

Alright, I applaud the fact that agencies and companies are pushing the envelope in terms of trying to find different ways to bring in more customers, but I have to give a big fat X in the most recent examples I’ve come across. I’m already sick of 3D, and idea of putting foreign flavor-filled things in my mouth brings up a big “NO” to mind. Here’s some of the reasons I’m over these gimmicks.


There is the most common, yet totally uninspiring 3D explosion. It seems like it’s everywhere, in print, online, movies. But it’s doubtful that 3D will really stick. It didn’t add anything to my Coraline experience, and it sounds like the artists and designers working on the lastest crop of movies aren’t bought into 3D either. Joseph Conrad, the director of Monsters vs. Aliens uses the word “garish” and the producer of Monsters vs. Aliens, Lisa Stewart, mentions “headaches for the next year and half”.  I understand the need for movies to add something special besides a big screen to compete with the likes of Netflix, etc. but it seems unlikely it’ll ever catch on or succeed if the mandate and excitement is coming from the top down.


Taste-It Notes in your print news. Peel and taste? really? (Imagine Listerine Strips as the form factor here) Sun Corporation states that 59% will be more likely to buy once they tasted the strips. May be one of the best examples of why marketing and focus groups are TERRIBLE resources to rely on statistics and marketability. Unfortunately they actually have some big names on their client list: Welches, Campbells, Sky Vodka.

The only one of the list that might actually succeed is Arm&Hammer. They’re a well known brand in the toothpaste industry and it’s not a far jump for people who know and use listerine strips. Although I will say there’s no way you’re getting a dissolvable strip of Campbell’s latest soup flavor in my mouth, especially when it’s been rubbed and man-handled by ink and toxic chemicals. yuck.


Viewing an iceland mummy in 3D via my computer screen (with my own glasses? who has a pair of 3D glasses lying around??) It doesn’t exactly top my list of things I want to do. Although, this website is extremely fascinating with it’s hi-res pics.

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