Dial Lights for Safety

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I read about this amazing new product from Germany called Dial4Light: a system where you dial a number that is displayed on a street light in order to turn on a whole string of lamp posts right on-demand. Read the full writeup here on BW.com The name makes me cringe a bit, but the product makes me swoon! I absolutely love it.

Turns out that a small town Dorentrup in Germany, wanted to save energy by shutting down street lamps from 11pm to 6am in light traffic neighborhoods of the city. An ad exec, Dieter Grote, concerned about his family’s safety came up with Dial4Life. By using this dial for light system, the city will save $14,000! A third of their powerbill!!  It’s the perfect mix of ease-of-use and energy efficient business. Everyone knows how to make a call, and the city has a monetary reason to employ the product. I find it equally inspiring that he is an ad exec with a great idea, and not just a city municipality man.

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1 Response to Dial Lights for Safety

  1. DDM3 says:

    I could just imagine Baltimore with this technology. We’d have block parties with baltimore club music synced to flashing street lights via an MC on his Cricket. lol

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