The Magnificent American Visionary Museum of Art


See more pictures below

I cannot say enough about the American Visionary Museum of Art in Baltimore, MD. I’ve recently relocated here to Charm City, USA and have been taking my time exploring the little gems of this place. Taking walks through the Baltimore Museum of Art Sculpture Garden, visiting the National Aquarium, paddle boating in the harbor and finally popping into the American Visionary Museum of Art.

My friend Jennifer summed it up perfectly: “Instead of feeling like a small insignificant person who can’t create art, I feel so inspired by all of these pieces!” It’s truly a sight to see, from Kinetic wooden sculptures to OCD line drawings, stuffed rag dolls and definitions of “muse” and a falling icarus with the biggest “package” you’ll ever see, the AVAM has done an stellar job of curating a wonderful experiential place to explore the works of self-taught individuals that are the epitome of creativity. You’re filled with absolute delight as you admire, touch, hear and feel your way through each floor. I took a few pics of the outside…you’re not allowed to take pictures inside, but that’s all the more reason to go and see it in person.

Having been to the MoMas, the San Francisco Academy of Sciences, multitudes of european delights and gardens galore, this museum is certainly one of the best cultural institutions I’ve ever been to. You must go.






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