Remember this?


I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember the last time I touched a corded phone (that wasn’t at the office). Let alone a pay phone. My jaw dropped when I was exploring the streets of Philly, and came upon the remarkable sighting of a FUNCTIONING pay phone. Seeing a working one in California was as likely as having high tea with the Abominable Snowman. And then, @rainnwilson, aka Dwight Schrute posted this yesterday:

"What's this crazy contraption?"

"What's this crazy contraption?"

And it got the hamster running, so when I think “phone”, I no longer thing of the corded thing that was mounted to wall in my kitchen circa 1989. I think my tiny cell phone that slips into my back pocket. SO, now that the phone icon isn’t so ubiquitous does it ever go extinct? Or will we start to see icons of smartphones? Where would they go? It’s not like there are public smartphones for people to use. We went from switchboard to rotary to cordless and now everyone is dropping land lines left and right for a solitary cell phone. A simple public icon that’s become part of our everyday visual language is slowly losing traction in the streets and exists only as a 20 x 20px icon on our iPhones.

The times are a-changing.

Some photos below for a walk down memory lane.


rotary phone

Cell Phones

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