Color you see and read


Appreciating color and organization to no end, I always visit the paint swatches when I go to Home Depot , and for the first time ever, I picked up a color based on the name. Cashmere. Sounds beautiful, right? Well, it is. Imagine the resulting color from grinding dried sage in a mortar and pestle. It’s certainly more inspiring than it’s other name: W38011A. Then I started reading ALL the names: Avocado, Golden Straw Hat, City Lights, Olive Hint, Gourd. It was amazing to see the sheer range of copy that was basically invisible among all the color.

Then I remembered Crayola Crayons. Turns out that they’ve gotten so many questions about their names they even have site about it. Some of the it is actually pretty interesting, take for instance, the 1958 teacher requested change of “Prussian Blue” to “Midnight Blue”. Or the other notable voluntarily change in 1962 when Crayola switched “Flesh” to “Peach”, as a result of the U. S. Civil Rights Movement. I loved my crayolas and I recall my 2nd grade best friend and I had a little huff puff fest over them one afternoon. A girl can never tolerate her “Cerulean” being stolen. Nuh-huh—do not go there.

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3 Responses to Color you see and read

  1. Chris says:

    I have always found paint color names supremely interesting. We had several cases of paint chips at my previous job that I would have to go through on a daily basis. Who comes up with such palpable names? I would love to sit down at that table some time.

    • annmaryliu says:

      I know! I even tried to google it and see if there was anything about “paint-swatch-naming-jobs” because I totally want to sit in one of those sessions one day! I also wonder if it is coveted job, or is it some lackey task that they throw to some intern? We have to find out! :)

  2. Agent Foxxy says:

    was lookin for the right olive swatch then i found this one! thanks dude!

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