Ann the Assembler

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Cooking for one is never fun. As I made my dinner last night I realized I had not used my stovetop in….I couldn’t remember.

That seems wrong, right? Yeah, I thought so too. But then I realized. I’m an “assembler”. Out of sheer laziness, I eat a huge variety of meals that never need the heat of a stovetop. So I only eat cereal and yogurt? NOPE. I found the key to my assembler-status: Rotisserie Chicken. I use it through the week to eat delicious wraps, salads, or sometimes just a bite of cold chicken. All very quick and painless. The varieties are endless and as long as I have a few staples, tortillas, salad greens, hummus, and fruit. It never gets old. I’m also a huge fan of farmers markets, so besides the stellar people watching, I always try and pick up some add-ins for my “assemblies”.

And then I got to thinking, surely there’s got to be other kinds of cookers. So I thought of my siblings. My brother is what i’ll call a “OCD Diner”. He has the same thing EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. I razz him for it to no end, but he makes chicken fajitas day-in and day-out. And my sister? She’s a “Never in, Always Out”. I’ve never even seen her stand near a stove top, but it totally works for her. Maybe it’s just the mentality of cooking for one that makes people avoid a stovetop.I just feel like what’s the point of all that prep time and washing dishes if it’s just for lil’ old me? I never assemble when there’s more than one mouth to feed. It becomes too much of an ordeal to prep and set out all of the different things people are suppose to assemble. It’s easier just to pop a pizza in the oven, or throw together some pasta dish. Funny how that works.

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  1. So Ann, if I didn’t know better I would have guessed that you have been snooping through my kitchen and fridge. Everything that you listed above is in my cabinets as well.

    I was just thinking about how strange it is to not To like to cook for just yourself. And how I feel excited about cooking for 2 or more.

    Just strange how all of that works!!


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