Work Process: 2 more swatches

Picture 9

Continuing to create “swatches” that express our personal design aesthetic and personality, I added 2 more to the 3 we were assigned. The one below is my favorite because I hand-crafted all of the envelopes cutting out a brown paper bag for the exterior and old magazines for the inside liners. Each one is about 1.25″ x 1″.  I titled this one “Like, Oh My God” because I have a bad habit of sounding like a valley girl most of the time. The text is there because I also love me some good gossip. Ellen pointed out that I should make the type feel more integrated into the envelopes, so that’ll be my next move.


For my other swatch I looked to an old celestial map print for inspiration and I laid out the line work for “Mapping Ann”. I’m not happy with it because it still feels like it’s missing something. I think after studio crits and feedback from everyone on Monday, I’ll have a better idea of how to move forward.


You can see the development of my 1st swatch on my previous post, and view the full set here on my Flickr account

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