Repurpose Project


Our second project for GD Studio is about Repurpose. I chose to represent an intellectual repurpose through the transformation of the ordinary word. I designed the large 22″ x 34″ poster as a visual hybrid between a type specimen and a dictionary to showcase the new, repurposed context. (Closeups on Flickr) The words displayed have been altered by adding, subtracting or changing one letter and supplying a new definition, or they are words with alternate meanings. All are from a series of Washington Post Style Invitational word play contests.

We will be submitting our projects to Kenneth FitzGerald who is organizing an exhibition called Repurposes. The exhibition is looking for projects that use previously created material and set them into new contexts. It’s open to interpretation and there’s a huge variety within the class. You can see the group’s work at our discussion thread on Flickr.

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