Asian Fit Eyeglasses are finally here!


I’ve been writing about the idea for Asian Fit Eyewear for awhile now, read about it here and here. The wait is over and I’m REALLY excited to tell anyone I know about TC-Charton . I was just notified by Alex at TC-Charton that they’ve released their brand new line of Asian Fit Eyewear. (The glasses above are presumably named after her) There are 10 sunglass models and 5 optical frames, with designs for both men and women. Pictures of some of my favorites are below.

I LOVE THEM. They’re exactly what I look for in anything I buy: clean lines, stylish details yet a classic build. And, of course I’ll know they’ll fit on my low-bridge face! Can’t wait to get my hands on a pair.




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1 Response to Asian Fit Eyeglasses are finally here!

  1. ryderm says:

    Also check out they have only Asian fit glasses – good selection and fit in my experience

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