Cringe-worthy Writing

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I thought it would be entertaining to post my original “About Me” from my portfolio site. It’s full of jargon, abstract ideas and aspirational phrases in my honest intention to convey my excitement about graphic design and what I do. A lot of the original made me cringe as I was editing, because I know better now. I think my idea was fine, but it sounded too stiff and pretentious. Our writing class had a whole discussion around jargon and “journalese”, and the things people do to make them sound smarter. I think the best advice I’ve gotten yet is to never write older than you are. If you’re not formal and stiff, don’t write like it!


As a graphic designer, I aspire to [conceptualize] and connect a fresh [visual, critical, and analytical] understanding of graphic design. Working as a [design professional] at Jump taught me that the [resonant and meaningful design people seek] is not created in an [isolated vacuum of the design world]. [Great design is strengthened and informed by an understanding of business strategy and relevant cultural research]. I want to apply my work experience in strategy and cultural research to create [valuable graphic design]. My professional goal is to lead by practice, [taking the initiative to mentor, manage, and foster socially responsible design].


As a graphic designer I’m always searching for the connection that creates a fresh visual and critical understanding of graphic design. Working in design research at Jump Associates taught me that the things people want are not created in the isolated world of design; meaningful design comes from a nuanced, detailed understanding of what makes people tick.

I’m interested in piecing together the rich and varied lives of everyday people and distilling it down to simple ideas. I’m inspired by cultural research, business strategy and the visual beauty of graphic design. My professional goal is to focus and manage my vision of design.

I am much happier with this one. You can see this in action on my portfolio site at

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