The Phenomena of Commitment



For our next studio assignment, we are creating a exhibit around the theme of “instant message” to be shown at the Maryland Art Place in downtown Baltimore. Again, very open-ended and could be interpreted however we’d like. I’ve always been interested in non-verbal communication so I did some research and discovered how important non-verbal communication is to interpersonal relationships. I decided to showcase the instant messages within a romantic relationship. I’ll be creating a series of mundane objects in very precious shadowboxes using the visual language of paleontology and  specimen exhibits to highlight the “Phenomena of Commitment”. The above photos are are an example of what I’ve created for the IM exhibition. We’re discussing our proposals in Studio today, so I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s and getting some feedback.

I find it interesting that there’s a cultural understanding in these objects within a relationship. Your toothbrush in their medicine cabinet is a good indicator that you’ve been sleeping over and when you give someone a key to your place, you are enabling them open access to your life.  I haven’t finalized all the objects, but these are all in the running: toothbrush, key, condom, tampon/men’s razor, underwear and a retainer.

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