I Spy: Paper Mania

I LOVE the recent proliferation of paper engineering in design. There’s always been something awe inspiring about dimensional paper in design. For me, it’s all in the contrast. It’s a flat 2D medium that fluidly follows your every cut, bend and fold. It’s the everyman material that has gained traction as the “it” medium in art and design. It’s pretty incredible that the copy paper in the Xerox machine can be considered gallery-worthy.

Here are a few that crossed my path lately. I was in NYC the weekend the Musuem of Art and Design opened their Slash: Paper under Knife Exhibit, and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t go.


3′ x 4′ Cut Panels of NYC. All that goest through my head when I see this is !!!! Check it out at thejailbreak.com

Picture 1

I didn’t get to see any of it in person, but the MAD website lets you zoom in and out artist works. I’m so impressed by the detailed delicacy of this piece by Shaul Tzemach.

Picture 2

Olafur Eliasson laser cut a house and hand bound this book. A few years back I saw Eliasson’s interactive exhibition Take Your Time at the SF MoMa and at the NY MoMa and it is one of the few Modern Art exhibits I really love and remember. I’m betting this paper piece doesn’t disappoint either.

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