KYT Design Explorations:1

I’m trying to explore different visual languages for the Keys You Trust Brand Book. Read more about my KYT idea here. These spreads are the ones I did over the weekend workshop, but looking at them now, they feel too generic and sterile. I tried to counter-balance the sparseness with personal stories of people’s keys through their own words. After I took a few photos of people’s keys in studio, I asked them different questions like, “what key is most important? which one is the most interesting?” etc. I used their quotes as captions to each keychain—a mini-story in every set. My idea is to have the majority of the book be real keys and real quotes from everyone in studio to reiterate how our keys are much more than just pieces of metal we lug around 24/7. They’re important to us, and they should be treated accordingly.

I really like the variety of voices in all the quotes, but it’s not visually engaging enough. I’m going to shoot for 3 distinctly different visual directions to try in the next week. I’ve also found some inspiration for the actual key blanks. I’d like them to be one color on the exterior and a different contrasting color on the interior taking my first set of inspiration from the Le Creuset cookware.

I love the color palette of Le Creuset pots and pans, and I associate quality , family and authentic care and craft with the brand. I think having keys in the colors similar to the ones pictured would be a good start.

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2 Responses to KYT Design Explorations:1

  1. Luke X. says:

    Ann, your key idea has struck me as very insightful since I read about it, what, a couple of months ago? In any case, I am eager to see where the idea goes!

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