Key Locks

Part of my KYT project is narrowing the scope. I went into a local hardware store and managed to convince the employees to let me shoot the making of the key. Unfortunately most of the pictures turned out blurry because of the lighting, but I got a few good ones I can salvage. More importantly, I got to experience first-hand what the key-making experience should be for everyone. Existing in a slighty messy, but comfortable store—reminiscent of pack rat’s garage. A neighborhood gem with friendly staff who hand-writes price tags, and uses the old school key cutter and buffer. It was great to see the process first hand.

I’ve decided to do general keys for the home. To compliment the idea, I went around the Bolton Hill Neighborhood and took pictures of people’s door locks as inspiration and imagery for the KYT book. As important as the key, each lock to a home had it’s own characteristics. Some of them shot really beautifully.

Besides feeling like a weird Peeping Tom taking pictures of people’s door locks, I’ve got a couple of favorites. Click on the photo or here to see the full set on Flickr.

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