This is my first poster design I did today as the final leg of a workshop we did with Martin Venezky on translation and interpretation last weekend. We were each given a poem in a foreign language we couldn’t understand or read. Each day we were assigned to do one particular thing without knowing what we’d be doing with the ideas and designs later on in the week. For the first day, we were let loose to just draw our letterforms in whatever way we wanted. (Lots of fun process pictures here on flickr) The next day we were tasked to take our 2D drawings and transform into 3D sculptures; finally, we were asked to photograph the 3D piece to be “used later”. Very vague, and slightly uncomfortable for me, because I’m so goal oriented…but it was a nice change.

For the next few weeks of Studio II, we’ll be taking the English version of our poem, and incorporating any/all parts of our drawings, photographs or sculpture from last weekend into our final “Translation” piece. It was a fantastic workshop, Martin has definitely been my favorite visiting artist thus far. This is a sample of my abstracted drawings and my 3D piece:

My poem:

I Open My Eyes in the Morning
by Nitin Kulkarni

I open my eyes in the morning.
Step out of bed.
Drink tea.
Read paper.
Days open nights closed.
Auspicious moments days holidays years vacations journeys births
Saved saved saved saved saved saved saved.

The poem stirred up the thoughts of passing time and with the word “Auspicious” I thought of the Chinese Lunar New Year. I’ve seen some beautiful lunar calendars, so I decided to use the visual language of celestial maps for a poster concept. The photo in the back a shot I took of my 3D piece partially reflected through glass.

It’s pretty big: 19″x 27″.

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