24 Hour Design Marathon

This time last week I was in the middle of the 24 hour Design Challenge held by Visualizing.org. Starting at noon on Saturday noon and ending at noon on Sunday, our challenge was to “Visualize the impact of humanity’s footprint on the sustainability of Spaceship Earth”. Not an easy task. MICA sent up 4 teams and Visualizing.org provided a bunch of data sets that spoke to various issues from climate change, population growth to CO2 emissions. It was our job to chose the story we wanted to tell, process and distill the data, and DESIGN THE HELL OUT OF IT. I love what my team (MICA 1: Team Surf and Turf) did. Our poster focuses on showing the limits of our planet’s resources and where we stand today. My favorite photos are below. Click here to see the full set on flickr.

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