Finding Glasses—again

$95 for both lenses and frames? Sign me up!

Warby Parker includes the price of lenses and stylish frames for under $100. Although I still adore my Asian Fit Eyewear glasses, I love the ability to change my look with my glasses. To sweeten the deal, Warby Parker uses a buy one, give one model—for every pair of glasses you buy, they give a pair to someone in need. An excellent incentive to buy from them.

While shopping, I used their virtual try-on and customized my home try-on kit, I’m anxiously awaiting for my package from Warby Parker. It’s the best of both worlds, exactly what I want at the price I can afford.

The virtual try-on is easy, I uploaded a picture and it gave me just enough on an idea to know what five frames to put in my try-on kit. You can even save the images to your computer! My favorite look? The Zagg and Webb styles are the frontrunners for me.

I guess the true test will be if they actually look like they do in the picture once I see them in person. I hope so…

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2 Responses to Finding Glasses—again

  1. Amy says:

    Hi! Before I make a purchase from warby parker, I was just wondering if it fits asian nose bridges? It looks like it does, but I want to make sure. Can you please let me know? ^^ thnx!!!

    • annliualc says:

      They aren’t particularly called out as “Asian Fit,” but mine fit me well, I just took them to target optical and had them bend the stems a little more, so they hook of my ears to ensure they don’t slide down my nose. Good luck :)

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