Erin + Chris

I designed and illustrated a Save the Date for friends, Erin and Chris. It’s based off their concept that they’ve lived and traveled all over the country together. They also wanted a play off the phrase “Meet Me in St. Louis”. With their colors of gray and light yellow and a list of some icons they wanted for each city, we were off!

I hadn’t done a lot of icon or illustration before this project. Creating icons is no easy feat. I began by rendering detailed illustrations of building and statues from different cities, but quickly realized that I needed simple, bold shapes shapes and strokes that could render in the small .25″ space they’d be printed in.

Pictured below is the comparison between the icon I used (left) and my original vector illustration (right)

As you can see through the actual printing size and placement below, the window details are muddled and you lose the visual separation. I went back to each icon to distill it down to more simple shapes and spaces.

Now that I’ve experienced the issue of scale in icon design, I really want to go back and refine them even more!

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