File Prep and Proofing

I’ve been working with Erin to get her invitation suite custom printed through paper source. The top three are digital mockups, and the bottom two were the initial postcards we designed (and printed through I adore Paper Source. I used their envelopes and template liners for my own wedding and Erin is also a big fan.

To prep for printing we had to send all artwork in black so they could be colored by the Paper Source in-house team. Because of some of the detailed coloring we were doing with the blossoms I attached both a color and black PDF with instructions on what color is where. My mistake is that I sent them to-size files with no bleed.

Paper source just sent the digital proofs which are very handy for checking on things like color and bleeds. Because of my error of not setting files that could provide invitations with a bleed, we needed to change a few things so I sent an annotated PDF with images to mark the problem areas.

I’m such a visual person, I needed to mock it up as a visual. I used the red to call attention what needed to be fixed, while the below example with green brings attention to the correct application of artwork/color.

Erin is being given the option to have a complimentary printed proof sent to her, I told her to take it. Things like the transparency are often PDF reader problems, so its always best to ensure what it’ll look like in real life—especially if it’s free!

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