Thinking without Thinking Final Cover

The final Thinking without Thinking cover has been printed. John Hopkins Press was incredibly open about what they wanted for the cover, so I gave them a few options to pick from. After a bit of back and forth on what kind of brain synapses photograph they wanted, the author provided her own. Apparently, Ryan has friends doing this work with brain imaging so she acquired a hi-res photograph we modified. A great intersection of humanities and science! The photo we used was definitely the best of our stock photo images.

Original lab photo provided by author, Ryan.
I modified the image to black and white, blurred and overlapped particular areas to create more visual interest and texture where I needed it.

I am thankful the author had access to such quality images, I think it made a HUGE difference in the final outcome, especially if you see the possible options before we received her hi-res image. Stock photos—as you can see, you get what you pay for.

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2 Responses to Thinking without Thinking Final Cover

  1. camillabehrens says:

    Beautiful work, congrats!

  2. stefen says:

    owsome work keep it up thanks for sharing

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