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Finding Glasses—again

$95 for both lenses and frames? Sign me up! Warby Parker includes the price of lenses and stylish frames for under $100. Although I still adore my Asian Fit Eyewear glasses, I love the ability to change my look with … Continue reading

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Asian Fit Eyeglasses are finally here!

I’ve been writing about the idea for Asian Fit Eyewear for awhile now, read about it here and here. The wait is over and I’m REALLY excited to tell anyone I know about TC-Charton . I was just notified by Alex at … Continue reading

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I Spy: Less Logos

The clothing company FreshJive has been causing quite the stir in the media lately because of their unbranded line of their clothes—no logos anywhere. It’s newsworthy because we’ve all finally realized we’ve been duped. We’ve been giving all these clothing … Continue reading

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Asian Fit or Miss

Classes are in full swing and I’m taking “Joining the Design Dialogue” to up my writing chops. Our first assignment is to write a 250 word product profile with the target audience being us (the design community). I only recently … Continue reading

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That Book Thing

Yet another reason I love Baltimore, please meet Book Thing. I am a poor grad student and places like Book Thing in the neighborhood of Charles Village are why I have complete faith in humanity. Completely FREE BOOKS. Every weekend, just … Continue reading

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I Spy: ‘Bikes are the new Birkin Bag’

I like to play I Spy—epsecially I Spy patterns. I’m a very linear person, so it takes a lot of sequential in-your-face ideas to get me to notice things. Here is my inaugural post of the “I Spy” on Sunday … Continue reading

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Pix Remix iPhone App

I’m not big on apps, but a few of my good friends created this pretty amazing app called Pix Remix. You take photos from your iPhone or iPod touch to create animated slide shows, pan & zooms, collages and post … Continue reading

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Frames for Asian Faces, FINALLY!

I’ve been on the prowl for a new pair of glasses and on the way came across a concept that was so entirely new to me that it pretty much forever changed the way I’ll shop for eyewear now. I … Continue reading

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The Buckle is making money?!

I could hardly believe what I was reading in Businessweek. The Buckle retail store is set to grow to 26%! That’s a huge deal considering competition, Pacific Sunwear closed 153 of their chain stores called “Demo”. This was a short … Continue reading

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Casual Luxury

I’ve been coming across some nice examples of taking the beautiful craft of woodworking and applying it to today’s gadgetry. A combination of custom hand-crafted artisan quality and cutting edge technology, it makes a certain statement of casual luxury. A beautiful … Continue reading

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