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File Prep and Proofing

I’ve been working with Erin to get her invitation suite custom printed through paper source. The top three are digital mockups, and the bottom two were the initial postcards we designed (and printed through I adore Paper Source. I … Continue reading

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Final KYT Keys

My painted, photographed KYT Keys. See a finished version of my brand book here on issuu. The whole class is publishing proofs next week from It’s incredibly cheap to get a custom, perfect bound book made. Less than $20 for … Continue reading

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Designers, let me help you get hired.

I was given the responsibility to find my replacement before I leave for a summer of R&R and ultimately begin the MICA GD MFA graduate school in the Fall. To be honest, I was pretty disappointed by a good 90% of the … Continue reading

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Doodling does you good

Driving in this morning, I heard a little clip on NPR about how doodling actually HELPS you focus. Finally a myth, debunked! (check out LBJ’s below!) So many people think that because someone is doodling, it means that they’ve totally … Continue reading

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The Grid is Good

The grid is good, folks. Why use it? It makes for dynamic layouts that are easy to read and quick to make. When you create a layout you are managing the form and space, on a page, online, on your … Continue reading

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