Cherry Blossoms

Working on some cherry blossom illustrations for a friend. I’d love to screenprint these guys!

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Finding Glasses—again

$95 for both lenses and frames? Sign me up!

Warby Parker includes the price of lenses and stylish frames for under $100. Although I still adore my Asian Fit Eyewear glasses, I love the ability to change my look with my glasses. To sweeten the deal, Warby Parker uses a buy one, give one model—for every pair of glasses you buy, they give a pair to someone in need. An excellent incentive to buy from them.

While shopping, I used their virtual try-on and customized my home try-on kit, I’m anxiously awaiting for my package from Warby Parker. It’s the best of both worlds, exactly what I want at the price I can afford.

The virtual try-on is easy, I uploaded a picture and it gave me just enough on an idea to know what five frames to put in my try-on kit. You can even save the images to your computer! My favorite look? The Zagg and Webb styles are the frontrunners for me.

I guess the true test will be if they actually look like they do in the picture once I see them in person. I hope so…

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Updated Portfolio Site

Take a peek over at

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Show Us Your Type: Cairo

Awhile back I was given the opportunity to submit to the city poster project. This edition is Cairo, and after finishing school and taking a nice long vacation, it’s nice to get back on the computer and play around. I wanted to represent the mix of old and new Cairo by playing with a series of sliced typefaces. Also, the bits below are leftover shapes from modifying the type. I wanted to do an abstraction of sand and the iconic pyramids. If you’re up for it, you can submit TODAY (last day)!

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My Ultimate Design Project

My wedding! Mark and I are getting married, and I have been lucky enough to be able to design and letterpress the invite, RSVP and thank you card. It was my first time doing a letterpress project but with some guidance from my friends at, the two color job was done in one night!

Below are a few shots from the night, including the setup and printing. There was a lot of clapping and squealing of delight from me throughout the night.

Kyle is laying down my plates for 1st yellow run.

Plates are inked up and ready to roll, paper is cut, stacked and ready to go.

Lining up the paper to clip in. 

Guiding the paper through the rolling press.

Releasing it from the press.

Right off the press and on to the drying rack! Pictures by the fantastic Mark.

Plates were made at They’ve got exceptional customer service and fast shipping. Highly recommend them. Next? Blind-embossed envelopes, letterpress coasters, screenprinting envelope liners,  and posters. I. AM. IN. HEAVEN.

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Thesis Show: Key Portraits

Ann LiuKey Portraits InstallationPrideVinyl WeedingKey CollectionOrganizing Keys
Key installationKeysKeysKey PortraitsKey PortraitsInstall Help
ToolsInstall CrazyKey PortriatsKey PortraitsKey PortraitsKey Portraits
Key PortraitsKey PortraitsKey PortraitsDad and IKey PortraitsKey Portraits

Thesis Show: Key Portraits, a set on Flickr.

Photos from the show installation, opening night and visiting critic talk with Dmitri Seigel.

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Graphic Design Thinking Proofs

BIG stack of proofing papers that is the Graphic Design Thinking Book! So exciting. Set to release this May, keep an eye out.

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Thesis is Here!

My two years at MICA is quickly coming to an end. My thesis will go up at the end of this month. Lots of work has happened in the past year, some recent work from is below. My thesis is a visual exploration of the key and this project combines my interests in cultural anthropology, interviewing and graphic design to construct multiple portraits of the key from different perspectives. Visit my thesis blog for lots more work and process.

Above is a poster showcasing my personal history with the key, and an elevation model of part of my exhibition below.

The screenprint plan of action above, and the real thing below.

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My Key Portraits thesis is featured on Take a peek…

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I’ve been working on my thesis, but sometimes it works out that I can repurpose it into my personal life. I’ve been writing a lot of congratulation cards for friends who’ve been married, made it through school, etc. So I thought a card that just said SUCCESS could be fun. I used one of the many “artistic stroke” options in illustrator and it came up with some pretty awesome configurations and loops. Close up below.

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