Thank Hoo

The GD MFA program just finished our visiting artist workshop with Keetra Dean Dixon. She was inspiring, sweet and passionate about teaching us how to misuse and abuse materials in 3 days. We were taken through different stages of material explorations, digital translations, experimentation and designing and gift giving…it was a full weekend! Here’s a general outline of the workshop process.

white elephant to get material: toothpaste
Material Exploration: Playing and Photographing
Using the word “rotate” and creating different visual explorations around it.

We shared all of our swatches as slideshows on our computers and walked around. During the walkaround Keetra told us to steal a swatch from at least one other person. AND THEN, she revealed the last step: create a thank you for anyone you’ve stolen from incorporating their swatch either in color or form.

Translation of Swatches

I took all the groupings on the far left from Clara. The center is the colors I decided to use and the “feathers” are from my toothpaste studies. I ended up using all of her forms, but recolored them and rendered the purple bits to look like feathers.

Thank Hoo, Clara!

I luckily only took from one person, and was able to create a personalized thank you. Clara loves the color purple and cute animals (especially owls!) so I created a “Thank Hoo” pennant banner. (I also made one for Keetra for teaching all of us awesome illustrator javascripts!)

I enjoyed every step and I like the final piece, so I’ve decided to use this process to create my own visual studies with the key. Well worth the work-filled weekend!

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