I Spy: Less Logos


The clothing company FreshJive has been causing quite the stir in the media lately because of their unbranded line of their clothes—no logos anywhere. It’s newsworthy because we’ve all finally realized we’ve been duped. We’ve been giving all these clothing companies free advertising each time we put on that hat or shirt with their logo. Oddly enough, instead of paying us we’re paying them. Say goodbye to being a walking billboard. It’s smart because we can still recognize and appreciate brands for their signature marks and quality products. It’ll be great if more companies start to pick up on this trend. I express parts of my personality through fashion and since I am my own brand, why should I promote anything different?

Some logo-less products that still have a strong brand.


White Apple Headphones. You don’t even need to see the iPod to recognize it’s an Apple product.

Picture 3

American Apparel Hoodies with the white contrast zipper and pull string

Picture 4

Moleskin Journals, most notable for their hardcover, black cloth quality construction.

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