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source: Beverage Digest, The Coke System

I was reading about how well the Dr. Pepper Snapple stock is doing is the beverages industry in this BusinessWeek article, and the author casually dropped a reference to Beverage Digest. It never crossed my mind that the beverage industry would have a “Digest”. It’s just one of those things that took me by surprise, but when I really thought about it, it’s perfectly logical. The people who work in Beverages would need to be have an easy way to stay current in their industry, as any kind of respectable business needs to do.

Beverage digest claims to be the “authoritative publication covering the non-alcoholic beverages industry”. What’s fascinating is that they published two books this past September cataloging the US Bottling Systems: The Coke System and The Pepsi System. In it’s 5th edition, the books go into detail about the general ecosystem of bottling. After downloading the Table of Contents I could see divided sections for bottling territory maps, names of franchise owners, profiling the top 10 companies and where the 3 bottlers go head-to-head with their competitors.

The Coke System and the Pepsi System each focus on their respective brand and their bottling locations. The Coke System is in Glover Capital, Atlanta and the Pepsi System is in transition. The digest mentions the Pepsi transition in several spots on their website, and even though it doesn’t make resounding waves in my day to day life, I’m betting that it’s a big deal in the beverage industry. As of September 2009, the Pepsi System was Pepsi Bottling Group, PepsiAmericas and Pepsi Bottling Ventures. The digest says the consolidating deal will probably be finalized the end of 2009.

Too bad these books cost $225 a piece (and have god-awful design to boot), otherwise I might’ve done some more beverage bottling reading.

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