I Spy: ‘Bikes are the new Birkin Bag’

I like to play I Spy—epsecially I Spy patterns. I’m a very linear person, so it takes a lot of sequential in-your-face ideas to get me to notice things. Here is my inaugural post of the “I Spy” on Sunday series.

Let’s take a look at the Bike as an accessory. Hot on the heels of sustainability, people are eager to do their part. And while there are volumes of people who were/are/have always been into bicycles, it looks like it’s hit the tipping point ’cause the interwebs are all over it!! From fixies to dutch-style city commuters, there is so much coverage out there that my finger is getting sore from all articles I’ve clicked. Check out some of my favorite links I’ve come across in the last month.

Swrve Jeans

Swrve Jeans

It’s fashionable to be a bicyclist with “back pockets that fit a mini u-lock” and a “low waist in front to prevent your belt from digging into your gut”. I think the cherry on top for me was the reflective strip on the inside of the pant leg. niiiiice.

Urban Outfitter Bikes

Republic bikes has teamed up with Urban Outfitters to create the UO bike shop where you can choose among a myriad of colors to swap out as you please. You know it’s an accessory when you’re selecting simply on color.

The Abici Grantourismo

The Abici Grantourismo

Dutch-style commuter bikes of immense quality (and apparently $$ and weight) exude that ever-elusive european chic. Click here to read the Slate article by Seth Stevenson who smartly notes, that these bikes are roughly the equivalent of carrying around the latest birkin bag. (thx for the find, @lukexmartin)

"On the Street | Happy Trails"

"On the Street | Happy Trails"

And it’s definitely notable if Bill Cunningham of the NYT shoots it.

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