That Book Thing

Picture 5

Yet another reason I love Baltimore, please meet Book Thing.

I am a poor grad student and places like Book Thing in the neighborhood of Charles Village are why I have complete faith in humanity. Completely FREE BOOKS. Every weekend, just walk in, browse, read, sort, and leave all without paying a dime. Impressive, right? I walked in there last saturday and walked out with some great finds, The Rand McNally Atlas, which I serendipitiously opened to Baltimore, Maryland. I believe that is what superstitious people call “a sign”. And yes, I am superstitious. The Complete Works of Homer and a biography about a young woman in China. All beautifully aged, all greatly appreciated by this girl. I love you, Book Thing, and I will be back!

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2 Responses to That Book Thing

  1. Keith says:

    Did you put the Complete works of Homer in this picture to make yourself look more pedantic?

    • annmaryliu says:

      I just had to look up what pedantic meant, so does that answer your question? I just honest to God, love The Odyssey, it was my first required reading in school that I actually enjoyed.

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