TEDx MidAtlantic

Science_Eggs 1.jpeg

TEDx MidAtlantic was held at MICA this past Thursday. TED originally covered topics in Technology, Entertainment and Design (hence the acronymn T.E.D.), but since it’s popularity in the past few years, TED has expanded it’s content into all other realms of culture. It was a great day full of varied speakers all loosely based on the idea of storytelling. Like any conference there were some exceptional speakers, and then a few who weren’t so spectacular. Overall, it was well worth going, and I’m hoping they’ll do it again next year.

I did some visual recording of many of the speakers. The above notes are from my two favorite speakers: Molecular Biologist and Nobel Prize Winner, Peter Agre and Beyond Organic Farmer: Joel Salatin, who was fondly referred to as “the egg man” for the whole day. Click their names to watch their TEDx presentations online. It’s worth checking out. Click here or on the image above to see the rest of my notes from the day. (when in FLICKR click on “All Sizes” to see close-ups)

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