Final KYT Keys

My painted, photographed KYT Keys. See a finished version of my brand book here on issuu. The whole class is publishing proofs next week from It’s incredibly cheap to get a custom, perfect bound book made. Less than $20 for full color! See my published proof on lulu and even download the PDF for free.

I was nervous about how these keys were going to turn out because I’m not confident in my object photography. Especially if they need to be cut out of their backgrounds. I learned new Photoshop tricks and things went quickly once I figured out a system. I think the best part of making these keys was that I figured out that I could use my lamp shade as a light diffuser! I set the key down in the middle, and shot from the top with my DSLR Canon Rebel XSi set on the auto Macro with a flash. As you can see, it worked like a charm. So relieved it’s done.

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